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What is Digital Dollars?

Digital Dollars was formed from a group of young successful entreprenuers all with the passion of teaching others.

Owner, Digital Dollars

This course is all about giving you what you need to start making sales on TikTok Shop. It's based on real experience, it's simple to follow, and it's made for anyone ready to get going with their own dropshipping business.

Mentor, Digital Dollars
What's inside



Step-by-Step Course

Master TikTok Shop with a direct, module-based course that turns beginners into experts.

Community Full of Winners

Connect with a thriving community that shares insights, strategies, and successes.


Exclusive Rewards & Benefits

Earn exclusive rewards and access premium resources as you advance through our course

+ bonus what you get inside:

PLUS, a powerful toolkit.

The Discord icon.
Discord Community
Private Discord Community specifically for members.
Violation Support
We have access to private TikTok Shop Support who can help with violations and deactivations.
Account Marketplace
Located inside our discord we offer a marketplace where you can buy unlimited affiliate ready USA TikTok Accounts!
Dynamic Learning System
Stay ahead of the curve with our dynamic content updates. New videos when the alogorithm updates.
24/7 Expert Support
Never feel stuck or alone. Our mentors community are available around the clock to help you.
Weekly Events
We host weekly giveaways, personal mentor calls, and events for all our students.

This is for you,

To the person on the other side of this screen,

You're here for reason.

If your goal is to make money online,

And not rely on a "real" job out in the world....

I personally believe this is the best place to be,

And let me tell you why.
Making money online has never been this EASY...

This entire program is dedicated to TikTok Shop,

A brand new platform that allows anyone
make money from just POSTING videos.

The opportunity we are showing you today
involves the following,

How to setup your account from scratch.

Find winning products daily to sell
(And we give you guys our personal products
we sell, weekly.)

How to ACTUALLY film product videos
in different formats.

Exclusive secret tips that no one
is telling you, making this a
ZERO-Gatekeeping community.

The blueprints to get you from your first
$100 to $1,000
to $10,000 all through TikTok Shop.

Then the best way to scale this business
into a 8 figure hustle.

Plus, way more....

my past...

My name is Andrei, and not long ago, I was just like many of you

Eager to find financial freedom but unsure where to start.

I was overwhelmed by the vast world of online opportunities,

from social media marketing to e-commerce, yet nothing seemed to click.

I've experienced the highs of quick successes and the lows of unexpected challenges,

spending countless hours trying to decipher the secrets of online sales.

But everything changed when I focused on TikTok Shop –

a platform with untapped potential and a rapid path to profitability.

After refining my methods and reaping the rewards,

I decided it was time to share this knowledge and empower others.

Through "Digital Dollars," I've distilled everything I've learned into a straightforward,

actionable course that's designed to help you succeed from day one.

Join me and a community of motivated learners,

and let's turn your TikTok presence into a powerful profit-making tool.

Digital Dollars
make your money, digitally.

Guiding you to streamline your life by revealing the pitfalls to avoid... and then offering you proven strategies to earn your first $1,000 online, quickly.

Photo of what inside the course looks like


TikTok Dropshipping Playbook: Dive into the strategies that have made us TikTok Shop power sellers. From setting up your seller account to understanding the analytics that will guide your decisions – it's all here.​

Product Research Decoded: Gain exclusive access to our tried-and-tested methods for selecting products that sell. We've refined our approach to uncover the items that will fly off your virtual shelves.

​Video Editing Mastery: Unlock the secrets of creating engaging TikTok content. Learn how to craft videos that not only resonate with your audience but also drive sales.

​Profit Amplification Tools: Discover the apps and tools we use to manage our cash flow and keep our revenue growing. These are the game-changers that can take your business to the next level.​Step-by-Step Roadmap to Revenue: We're not just giving you theory; we provide an actionable roadmap that guides you through every step needed to set up and scale your TikTok Shop.

​Shopify Synergy System: For those looking to integrate TikTok Shop with Shopify, we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through the integration process so you can manage your business like a pro.

Real-World Insights & Tactics: This isn't hypothetical success – it's a comprehensive course built on real-world wins. We share the exact blueprint that helped us cash in on TikTok Shop's potential.

4 programs in 1

Thumbnail of the viral video creation program.
Thumbnail of the program Seven Figure Strategies course.
Thumbnail of the program lifestyle course.

Unlock exlusive bonuses...


2 phones showing a screenshot inside the program.

Digital Dollars University's foundation is not like others, it's not a "course" you watch once then you're done. We've designed it to be the one stop platform that allows you to level up. The more time you spend in DDU, the more exclusive content and incentives you'll gain.

You start off as Newcomer

Immediately upon joining, you unlock access to all of the essentials to begin TikTok Shop.

This includes getting setup on TikTok Shop, MUST-HAVE tips for beginners, how to find WINNING products, and a bonus which is exactly how to FILM content and scaling your TikTok Shop. You'll also get access to the Digital Dollars Community and will be able to participate in our weekly events and calls from our best TikTok Shop mentors who will guide you in this journey.

Becoming the influencer

On your 2nd Week, you'll be already on your journey to generating digital dollars with TikTok Shop. You gain access to our frequently updated personal hooks, winning products, and trends directly tested and used by us.

Also you'll now gain access to our exclusive LIVE Calls with us mentors in non public channels. Each mentor has made atleast 6 figures with TikTok Shop, and is there to help you with any qestions or concerns you may have, as well as teaching you new techniques and strategies that we personally use.

Strategist - Exclusive Calls

Upon being in the progrm for your first month, you'll get access to strategist level perks such as,

Even more exclusive channels within our discord where you can ask us mentors for help directly in the perspective of "group mentorship". This comes with us directly helping you with video ideas, violations, and review your videos and give feedback. Strategist's also recieve double entrees in our weekly events, and you'll get even more winning products and hooks and MORE...

Visionary - The Mindset

On your 3rd month, you'll get access to our Lifestyle & Mindset programs.

At this point hopefully you have started to see some results, and the next most important point besides wealth, is health. These programs you gain access to help you master important areas of your life. Very important branches of your life like mindset, fitness, appearence, and more.

Legend - Scaling Up

Now entering your 6th month at DDU, you're considered a legend. Here you get more exclusive access to our legends only LIVEs where us mentors help you directly, even more private than our other calls we do for our students. You also get more in-depth scaling strategies to turn your 1-3 Shop accounts to 6-12 accounts. Helping you post more but doing less work.

You'll also have access to even more exclusive channels with successful mentors who make money online, you can learn more ways to make money ontop of TikTok Shop and talk to them on a direct line level.

The Icon - Highest Level

Once you reach this point, you're in the highest level of Digital Dollars University. You get access to private groups with millionaire mentors and students just like yourself. Also beta access to new modules and content released (New modules monthly).

ICON Level Students will also be invited to in-person meet ups such as events, parties, vacations and dinners. This will be the ultimate way to grow your network and speak to us and grow a connection face-to-face.

the mentors

drei c.

Join Andrei, a genius in the digital wealth arena who has harnessed the power of TikTok to generate multiple seven figures, organically. In this course, Andrei unfolds the exact strategies and consistent practices that have led to his extraordinary success.

Step into Andrei's world, where he'll share the wisdom behind his winning formula for TikTok Shop, from capturing organic reach to converting browsers into buyers without a single ad dollar spent. This is your chance to replicate a proven path to prosperity with a mentor who's truly mastered the art of organic sales growth.

James C.

Meet James, a standout graduate of our mentorship program who rose through the ranks to become a dropshipping animal. His unique journey began in the competitive realm of sports betting, where he honed his analytical skills, and soon transitioned into mastering the art of online sales.

James is not just a success story, he's a testament to the effectiveness of our program. He excels in creating irresistible offers, engaging customers through compelling sales calls, and closing deals with precision. Learn directly from James as he reveals his top-selling techniques, the art of the pitch, and how to craft offers that stand out in the crowded digital marketplace. With his guidance, you'll sharpen your sales edge and accelerate your journey to dropshipping success.

Photo of Drei next to his car.


Meet Rece, the viral sensation and expert mentor at Digital Dollars University. With a remarkable following of over 3.5 million on TikTok, Rece is renowned as the "King of Viral Content." Before his incredible success on TikTok Shop, where he generated over $7 million in sales, Rece honed his skills in content management and operated a thriving marketing agency.

His deep understanding of engaging video creation and digital marketing has not only scaled his ventures significantly but also positioned him as a pivotal mentor. Today, Rece teaches his students how to master the art of compelling content that captivates and sells.


Meet Luke, a distinguished mentor at Digital Dollars University. Luke's journey into the world of e-commerce began in college, under the wing of Andrei, another experienced mentor. After six months of dedicated effort, Luke achieved remarkable success on TikTok Shop, building on his background in Shopify dropshipping.

Luke's story is a testament to the effectiveness of the Digital Dollars program. Known for his ability to craft irresistible offers, engage customers effectively, and close deals with precision, Luke offers invaluable insights into top-selling techniques and the art of crafting standout offers in a crowded digital marketplace. With Luke's guidance, students can sharpen their sales skills and accelerate their path to e-commerce success.

What's in a membership

bursting with powerful benefits.

Violation Support

During your active subscription, you may make as many requests as you need. We’re available by Slack, Discord, or NYC pigeon.

Account Marketplace

We complete individual requests in an average of 3 business days (Monday - Thursday). Four-day work weeks are the future, baby.

Dynamic Learning System

We build every site on Webflow, making them dynamic, accessible, and easily scalable. It’s easy for you like Squarespace but better.

Weekly Events

We design in Figma and build on Webflow to allow you to make seamless updates at any time. Teamwork makes the dream work.

24/7 Expert Support

You’ll know your subscription cost upfront. No surprises. Except on your birthday.

Billion Dollar Strategies

Scale your plan up or down as your business needs change. No pressure.

is this real?

0-200K Under 2 Months

From Zero to $200K in Under 2 Months, Chris' Incredible Journey as He Transformed His Dropshipping Store into a Thriving Professional Brand!

Meet Luke.

Introducing Luke: The Sales Maverick Who Earned $4,852 in One Single Day and Pocketed Nearly $3k in Profit!

$10K from 1 single video.

From Zero to $10K: Discover How Our Student Generated a Whopping $10,401.61 in Revenue (with a Profit of $5,775) from Just a Single Video!

1.4M Views Student.

The Student Who Achieved an Astonishing 1.4 Million Views With Just Their 4th Video on a Fresh Account. Discover How They Mastered Viral Content Creation Through Our Powerful Course!

30K in 7 days

This was Luke, previously taught by Drei on everything regarding TikTok Shop. After months of hard work making content, he had his best week which was 30.3K in take home profit, within 7 days.

What they say about ddu...

Now its your turn...

Digital Dollars University was crafted with a specific individual in mind–

someone who's ready to break free from the traditional grind and dive headfirst into the realm of online wealth.

And hey, it's 2024 – the digital landscape is bursting with opportunities for those hungry for financial freedom.

You've probably heard the success stories, seen ordinary folks like yourself turn their lives around by seizing these online ventures.

Well, guess what? That could be you too.

Now, let's talk numbers.

For just $14 a week, you can gain access to a world of knowledge and opportunity.

And here's the kicker – if it's not your cup of tea, no sweat.

You're free to walk away anytime.

But here's where it gets interesting.

Opt for the yearly plan, and you're investing $1.09 a day in yourself.

Think about it – what's a buck a day compared to the potential of transforming your life?

So, what are you waiting for? The doors of opportunity are wide open.

Take that leap, join us at Digital Dollars University, and let's carve out your path to success together.

Your future self will thank you for it.

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Get instant access to Digital Dollars University + all the bonuses below
From $50
ONLY $14/week
No contracts. Cancel anytime.
  • ​TikTok Shop Course
  • Product Research Decoded
  • Video Editing Mastery
  • Weekly Giveaways Access
  • Monthly Program Releases
  • Our Monthly Winning Hooks
  • Weekly Tested Winning Products
  • Weekly TikTok Trends

Yearly Platinum

With Yearly, Save 40% compared to Weekly & join as an Icon, unlocking instant access to all rewards you'd have gotten in the first 12 months.
From $1,399
ONLY $399/yr
Icon Edition
  • Everything from Weekly, plus:
  • Weekly Calls with Mentors
  • In-Person Events
  • Access to Icon Perks
  • 12-Month Access
frequently asked questions


What is Digital Dollars?
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Digital Dollars was formed from a group of young successful entreprenuers all with the passion of teaching others.Digital Dollars is where I've poured all my dropshipping wins, especially from TikTok Shop, into one powerful course. I've made a lot of money through TikTok, and now I've put together the best of what works into a straightforward guide.

How many followers do I need to start?
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You need zero followers! Just need to be located in the USA and 18+.

Is this course for TikTok Affiliates only or sellers too?
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This course is for both! We personally do both. Meaning we list products to sell AND affilate from other shops. This course shows you how to do both platforms.

What support is offered if i'm facing issues with TikTok Shop?
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We have private TikTok Shop Support that can help with violations and deactivations. Our mentors are also available around the clock for any additional assistance needed.

Can I speak to a mentor about reviewing my videos and what to do better?
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Yes! We are available to give you feedback on videos and give you personal tips on what to improve on.

What if the "loophole" way to do affiliate gets banned?
an arrow pointing down

No worries! We have a method we teach on how to get to 5K followers organically and fast in order to get on the affiliate program if you don't have a TikTok account with 5K+ Or don't want to buy one!

Is there a way to unlock all rewards without waiting 12 months?
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Yes. When choosing the yearly plan, you'll join as an Icon straight away and get instant access to all the unlockable rewards that you would get if you waited all 12 months.

I have a 9-5 job, Can I still do this?
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Yes! If you have a phone and access to internet, you have everything you need in order to start making money with TikTok Shop.